An Important Message for New Hampshire

Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire. Never was. Never will be.

Here’s proof:

Scott Brown’s cashing in by selling us out.

Outsourcing Jobs.

  • In the Senate, Scott Brown voted to give companies shipping U.S. jobs overseas millions in special tax breaks. [Vote 242, 9/28/10]
  • That’s not good for New Hampshire: New Hampshire lost more jobs to China than any other state. [New Hampshire Union Leader, 8/30/12].
  • But it’s good for Scott Brown: Brown was paid more than a quarter million dollars by Kadant, Inc., a Massachusetts company that outsourced U.S. jobs. Brown even endorsed the company’s practice of relying on “low cost manufacturing bases in China and Mexico” in documents he signed that were filed with the SEC. Brown is still working for the company. [Kadant SEC Document, Filed 3/12/14, Nashua Telegraph, 8/24/14]

“Shady” Business Deals

  • Scott Brown took $1.3 million in stock from a “shady” cosmetics company turned arms dealer run by executives sued for fraud. “The kind of company […] financial professionals warn investors to steer away from.” [NECN, 6/4/14, Boston Globe 6/1/14]
  • Brown refused to answer questions about what independent observers called his “ unsavory gig.” [WCVB, 6/4/14; Boston Globe, Leung Column, 6/5/14]
  • “Brown was clearly out to make a fast buck, trading on his credentials and hoping investors would buy low and sell high. Now it’s time for voters to beware.” [Boston Globe, Leung column, 6/5/14]
  • Brown refused to answer questions about the company, even when reporters chased him out of the State Capitol after he filed his candidacy. Hours later, Brown abruptly resigned from the company. [Boston Globe, 6/4/14]
  • Scott Brown is for Scott Brown. Not New Hampshire.

Scott Brown is for Big Oil, Wall Street and people at the top, not New Hampshire. 

Brown gives Big Oil billions in taxpayer subsidies

  • Scott Brown voted to give the big oil companies – the most profitable companies on the planet – more than $20 billion in taxpayer subsidies. TWICE. [Vote 72, 5/17/11] [Vote 63, 3/29/12]
  • Meanwhile, New Hampshire got higher gas prices. [, accessed 9/6/14]

Big oil gives Brown big bucks for his campaigns.

  • The big oil companies gave Brown nearly half a million dollars for his campaign; tens of thousands within weeks of his votes. [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 8/24/14]
  • And big oil, including the Koch Brothers, is spending millions – more than $2.6 million — to help Brown get back to Washington voting for their interests. [FEC, Filed 7/15/11] [Political MoneyLine, Accessed 7/8/12]
  • Meanwhile, New Hampshire still got higher gas prices. [, accessed 9/6/14]

Brown wanted weaker protections for consumers, billions more for Wall Street

  • Scott Brown blocked a major financial reform bill until he could water it down and save Wall Street $19 billion dollars. [ABC News, The Note, 6/29/10; Boston Globe, 6/30/10]
  • Scott Brown really “delivered for Wall Street,” said the Boston Globe. [Boston Globe, 5/2/12]

Billionaires get bucks, middle class families get nothing

  • Brown voted to protect the millionaires and billionaires of Wall Street, voting against the Buffett rule that would have required them to pay their fair share in taxes, a tax rate at least the same as middle class families. [Vote 65, 4/16/12]

Scott Brown gets millions from Wall Street – more than any other candidate

  • Wall Street and the big banks gave Scott Brown more campaign money than any other candidate, $5.3 million in 2012, more than $8.4 million across all his campaigns. [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 9/18/13]

Now Wall Street’s once again spending millions for negative attacks ads to get Brown back to Washington voting for their interests.

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