ICYMI: Senator Shaheen: Brown’s energy agenda is not for New Hampshire

ICYMI: Senator Shaheen: Brown’s energy agenda is not for New Hampshire Manchester – In case you missed it, the Concord Monitor published an op-ed this morning from Senator Shaheen, highlighting how Scott Brown’s energy agenda would mean more billion dollar tax breaks for the largest oil companies but fewer jobs and higher prices for people in New Hampshire. Concord […]

Letter: Shaheen puts N.H. citizens first

To the Editor: In his recent letter to the Herald, longtime Republican Al Horvath says he’s ready for a change of senators in New Hampshire. Well, he may be willing to trade our hard-working Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for a do-nothing wannabe from Massachusetts, but the rest of us are not. We are grateful for the […]

Madeleine Albright: My Friend Jeanne

When I became the first female Secretary of State in 1997, another tenacious woman a few states to the north was breaking her own glass ceiling: Jeanne Shaheen, serving as New Hampshire’s first elected woman governor. A decade later, she smashed another by becoming its first female Senator. I believe women are strengthened by helping […]

NH Update: One Month Out

Friends, This week Scott Brown again showed his true colors: he doesn’t think equal pay and access to healthcare are “issues that people care about.” Jeanne Shaheen couldn’t disagree more. In fact, all week Senator Shaheen has been criss-crossing New Hampshire to talk with women and families about just those issues. Take a look at […]

NH Update: the choice is clear

This week provided the clearest contrast yet about the decision Granite State voters have to make in November. The choice is clear: New Hampshire deserves a Senator who puts them first, not Wall Street and Big Oil special interests.  Jeanne Shaheen has always put New Hampshire first.  Always has, and always will.  Senator Shaheen was […]

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