NH Update: the choice is clear

This week provided the clearest contrast yet about the decision Granite State voters have to make in November. The choice is clear: New Hampshire deserves a Senator who puts them first, not Wall Street and Big Oil special interests.  Jeanne Shaheen has always put New Hampshire first.  Always has, and always will.  

Senator Shaheen was busy meeting with voters across New Hampshire as well as working hard in Washington to help protect and defend our nation. She continues to support aggressive action to disrupt and degrade ISIL’s ability to threaten our citizens.  

This morning, she visited Smuttynose Brewing Company in Hampton to highlight how the Small Business Jobs Act –  which she supported and Scott Brown opposed – has helped businesses like Smuttynose across New Hampshire.  She also greeted guests at Glendi in Manchester, and later this weekend will be meeting with even more New Hampshire voters in Londonderry and Concord.

The Choice Is Clear for Small Business

This week marked an important anniversary that shows just how clear a choice Granite Staters have to make in November.  In 2010, Jeanne Shaheen voted for the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, legislation written to help our small businesses hire new workers, expand their operations, and sell their products around the world. She voted yes, and the bill quickly helped small businesses across New Hampshire.

Scott Brown sided with Wall Street and corporate interests and voted no. That is not putting New Hampshire first.

Signs, Signs, Signs

We’ve heard you loud and clear: you are ready to show your support for Jeanne Shaheen to everyone in the neighborhood and are looking for lawn signs. Well, we got a shipment of thousands of lawn signs this week and almost overnight we shipped them to our regional field offices across the state. That means that there’s a sign ready for you in your local office. Did you get your Team Shaheen lawn sign yet?

Click here to find your nearest office and let them know you are ready for a lawn sign.
(If you can’t make it to your office, we can deliver the sign to your address.)

Concord Monitor: Former Republican State Senator Endorses Jeanne Shaheen

This week, former Republican state senator Rick Russman endorsed Jeanne Shaheen over Scott Brown, rejecting the Brown-Cruz-Paul agenda.
As Sen. Russman said: “[Scott Brown is] no different from the Washington, D.C., Tea Party wing of the Republican Party that isn’t focused on solutions and certainly isn’t focused on putting New Hampshire first.”

Read his full letter in the Concord Monitor here.

Volunteer for Team Shaheen

Each week, we are opening more and more field offices across the state. We need an all-hands-on-deck effort to win in November. That means we need you in our offices making phone calls, on the streets knocking on doors, and talking to your friends and neighbors about what is at stake in this election.

Can you sign up to be a Team Shaheen volunteer TODAY?

New Hampshire Business Review: Scott Brown’s Feb. Comments Raise Questions About His Online Sales Tax Stance

Scott Brown’s attempt to erase his openness to enacting an internet sales tax on New Hampshire small businesses is the latest evidence that he’s running for himself and that he’s wrong for New Hampshire.

As the New Hampshire Business Review reports, less than 100 days before entering the U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire, Scott Brown struggled to respond to a question about the internet sales tax and refused to say he was opposed.  NHBR also reports Brown’s position was at odds with “the entire New Hampshire’s congressional delegation, who had come out swinging hard against the tax, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, the last time it came up in 2013.”

Read the full NHBR article here.

The Choice is Clear on Equal Pay for Equal Work

Equal pay

This week, Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act – a commonsense bill that would provide New Hampshire women with equal pay protections to make sure they’re paid the same amount as men for doing the same job. As a Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown voted twice against this bill.The contrast for New Hampshire women couldn’t be more clear: Scott Brown voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act twice, and his opposition to this commonsense legislation only further proves that Scott Brown is not for New Hampshire.

Sign our petition and tell Scott Brown Granite State women deserve equal pay for equal work. And read more about Scott Brown’s opposition to Paycheck Fairness.

Standing with Granite State Students and Families

student petition

Three out of every four of Granite State students graduate with more than $30,000 in debt, the 2nd highest in the nation. That is simply unacceptable.

In the Senate, Jeanne Shaheen co-sponsored a bill that would let college students refinance their student loans the same way you can refinance a mortgage or car loan. That would make a real difference for students and families here in New Hampshire.

She won’t stop fighting for this critical reform, and you can join her fight today. Sign the petition to support #BankOnStudents.