July 13, 2020 Press Releases

FIRST TV AD: Shaheen Highlights Bipartisan Efforts to Make a Difference on NH’s Opioid Crisis

July 13, 2020
Contact: Josh Marcus-Blank, josh@jeanneshaheen.org

Airing Tuesday morning, the ad focuses on Shaheen working across the aisle to secure a tenfold increase in NH’s federal opioid response funding to $35 million

Concord, N.H. – The Shaheen campaign highlights Jeanne Shaheen’s bipartisan efforts that have increased federal funding to help New Hampshire fight the opioid epidemic in the first television ad of its 2020 campaign. The first ad will broadcast on WMUR and cable.

“In responding to the opioid epidemic, New Hampshire has had no greater advocate than Jeanne Shaheen, who has taken on her own party to get more support and delivered a tenfold increase in opioid response funding to $35 million,” said campaign manager Harrell Kirstein. “Among the first members of Congress to call for emergency opioid response in 2014, Jeanne Shaheen knows the substance use disorder crisis continues to be an urgent challenge during the coronavirus pandemic. She will continue to apply pressure at every level of government to ensure New Hampshire has the support it needs to help those who are struggling.”

The new 30-second television spot features Anne Marie Zanfagna, who began painting “Angels of Addictions” after losing her daughter, Jackie, to a heroin overdose. Shaheen has worked with Anne Marie and her husband Jim for years, advocating for additional federal resources to help New Hampshire weather the addiction epidemic, and has been incredibly moved by their story and service.

Since 2014, Shaheen has led Congressional response efforts to the opioid crisis, taking on her own party to increase funding and working across the aisle to demand that states like New Hampshire that are suffering the most from the epidemic get the additional resources they need. Initially, the hardest-hit states like New Hampshire received the same level of funding as every other state. Jeanne saw that was wrong, and thanks to her leadership, funding to New Hampshire increased tenfold to $35 million in 2019 to expand treatment and prevention services, including peer-based recovery support.

Watch the new television ad here: jeanneshaheen.org/angels/