Jeanne Shaheen is counting on supporters like you to help fuel her people-powered campaign. It’s easy to get started. Use the instructions below to join our grassroots fundraising team!

Step 1

Select one of the below design options for your page to get started. You’ll be taken to ActBlue to create an account or log in. Jot down your login information, as you’ll use it to check back in on your grassroots fundraising page in the future.

Step 2

Next, under “Website Address,” create the custom URL for your grassroots fundraising page. Keep it simple so that it’s easy to remember! Try something like “SamForShaheen.”

Step 3

Personalize the page with a title and ask. We’ve filled in some sample text, but feel free to edit it to share with your family and friends why you’re raising money for Jeanne Shaheen.

Step 4

Click “Get Started” to view your fundraising page.

Step 5

The most important step: Share your page’s URL with your family and friends so that they can learn about Jeanne’s campaign and chip in to keep New Hampshire blue!

Tips & Tricks

How to share your page:

Share the link to your grassroots fundraising page in a text message, email, on social media, or anywhere else you connect with family and friends.

Be sure to explain why you’re supporting Jeanne Shaheen and why it’s important others do, too. Consider what issues are important to them and tailor your notes accordingly. Keep in mind that individual outreach is more effective than group outreach!

When asking people to chip in, we recommend clear and direct language. For example, opt for “Can I count on you to help me reach my $500 goal by Thursday?” instead of “Chip in to my page!”

Not sure what to start? Here are a few examples to help you get going:

Hi, NAME! I’m supporting Senator Jeanne Shaheen for re-election in New Hampshire by helping raise money for her campaign. Will you join me by chipping in $5 or more right now? Please use my personal link so that I can track my progress to the $1,000 goal I’ve set. Thank you!

If Democrats are going to take back the U.S. Senate in November, we must win Jeanne Shaheen’s critical Senate race in New Hampshire. I’ve joined Jeanne’s grassroots fundraising team to help her win this race, and I’m counting on your support. Please chip in $5 or more using my personal fundraising page today. Thanks!

How to track your results:

Click here to see how many people have contributed to your grassroots fundraising page and how much money you’ve raised for Jeanne’s campaign.

If you’re interested in who has contributed, select your fundraising page, click on “Stats” and then “View detailed contribution list” (under “Additional tools”).

How to further customize your page:

Customizing your page is easy! Log in to ActBlue, and then click here to see the list of all your pages. Select the page you want to edit, and then click on the blue “Edit” button on the top left. Once you’ve made the changes you’d like, click the green “Publish” button on the top left to save your changes.

Here are some customizations you can make:

  • Title, ask, and URL: You can edit the title (large text) and/or ask (explanation text in smaller font). Share why you’re supporting Jeanne and why it’s so important we flip the Senate blue this year. If you’re interested in a different URL for your fundraising page, we recommend duplicating your page instead of changing the URL — which can lead to confusion, especially if you’ve already shared it with family and friends.
  • Goal thermometer: Set a fundraising goal and display it on your page. This is a great way to help everyone stay motivated.
  • Thanks and receipt: Add a custom thank you note that donors will receive via email after making a contribution to your grassroots fundraising page. Be sure to include this link to the instructions on creating a fundraising page so that we can continue growing our team:
  • Social share: This is how you edit the image and/or text that show up when you share your fundraising page URL on Facebook or Twitter. Right-click on the image to save it, and then add it to your page. You can also test the recommended title and description text below (or create your own!). Social share image

    Recommended Title: Chip in to support Jeanne Shaheen!

    Recommended Description: Can I count on you to make a contribution today?


If you forget your ActBlue password or can’t get into your ActBlue account, click here for support.

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