October 29, 2020 In the News

Incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen looking for another term to represent New Hampshire in the senate

By Matt Leighton
October 29, 2020

CAMPTON, N.H. — New Hampshire democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is seeking her third term to represent Granite Staters in the Senate.

If reelected during the pandemic, Shaheen said there needs to be a plan in Washington for more COVID-19 testing and contact tracing and developing a vaccine.

“Make sure that people feel like that vaccine when it’s introduced onto the market it’s gonna be safe,” Shaheen said.

She said ending the pandemic is not just about getting lives back to normal.

“Obviously jobs and opportunities are always top of mind here in New Hampshire and we need to make sure that people can get back to work, that our small businesses can survive,” she said.

Another big issue: climate change.

“Unfortunately during the last administration they pulled us out of the Paris climate accords. They have policy that has not focused as much as we need to on clean alternative energy sources, on energy efficiency, which is something I’ve worked very hard on,” Shaheen said.

She said she worked with the current administration to get more money to help with the state’s opioid epidemic.

“Something that unfortunately the Obama administration wouldn’t do and I was critical of them for that. I’m appreciative that we were able to get that done during the Trump administration,” Shaheen said.

Shaheen said she has made a difference while in office and hopes to continue serving the people of New Hampshire.

“When somebody calls our office, we don’t ask are you a Democrat, are you a Republican, are you an independent? We ask how can we help you because I am here as an elected representative to serve the people of this state,” she said.