Jeanne Shaheen knows climate change is a real, existential threat to our state and our world. That’s why she has been and continues to be a leader advancing innovative and effective policies and ideas to promote clean energy, energy efficiency and reductions in the greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. In the Senate, Jeanne is a champion for bipartisan energy legislation to reduce harmful emissions and grow our clean energy economy.

Jeanne is a leader advancing legislation in Congress to direct the Trump administration to meet the standards set by the Paris Climate Accord. To make progress on energy policy, Jeanne has teamed up with Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, authoring and steering to passage critical energy efficiency legislation that protects our environment while saving billions of dollars for American families in energy costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by millions of tons annually by making new homes and buildings more energy-efficient.

Jeanne is a leading champion of our environment and fighting climate change that threatens the natural beauty and economic future of New Hampshire and the world. A leading voice on conservation in the Senate, Jeanne led efforts to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which helps preserve New Hampshire’s wildlife habitats and outdoor recreation areas that bring an estimated $8.7 billion from tourism to the state each year. She has secured increased federal funding to preserve New Hampshire’s waterways, public and private forests, wildlife habitats and recreational areas to safeguard the state’s open spaces and wildlife. Jeanne worked to get the Nashua River protected with a federal scenic river designation, safeguarding this river and its tributaries for future generations. She has consistently fought to block oil drilling off of New Hampshire and is leading bipartisan legislation to ban drilling and protect New England’s seacoast.

As Governor, Jeanne led the country in making clean energy a priority, enacting landmark legislation requiring fossil fuel plants to reduce emissions of new pollutants, making New Hampshire the first state to do so. She challenged the big utility companies to cut energy bills for consumers and encourage clean energy, and she created the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), which has helped preserve more than 230,000 acres in New Hampshire. She also preserved tens of thousands of additional acres of New Hampshire’s North Country wilderness, and was a top advocate for clean, alternative energy sources in New Hampshire, leading by example for the whole country.

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