A former high school teacher, Jeanne Shaheen believes that education is the key to a good job and financial security. She has consistently worked across the aisle to support students and teachers, expand early childhood education and provide much-needed relief to Granite Staters saddled with student debt. She is leading the charge to strengthen job training and STEM education so New Hampshire workers have the skills they need for jobs in emerging industries.

Jeanne is fighting for legislation in the Senate to combat student debt relief scams and to make sure institutions of higher learning are held accountable for their students’ ability to pay back their debt. She is the sponsor of legislation to ensure that students can easily access information on their loans, to allow borrowers to refinance their debt at lower rates, and to strengthen the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

As Governor, she made kindergarten a reality for tens of thousands of children, and in the Senate, she helped pass a law to expand federal support for early childhood education. Jeanne knows that investing in early childhood education saves Granite State families money in the long run and is critical for closing the achievement gap. She has consistently advocated for child care, early childhood and preschool development and is leading legislation to expand and improve the child care tax credit.

She passed a tax-free college tuition savings plan as Governor and is leading efforts in the Senate to provide relief for families struggling with student loan debt. When the Trump administration tried to cut critical college affordability programs, including federal work-study and financial aid grants, Jeanne stopped them.

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