July 29, 2020 Press Releases

“It scares me to see these attempts to gut the ACA”

July 29, 2020
Contact: Josh Marcus-Blank, josh@jeanneshaheen.org

“It scares me to see these attempts to gut the ACA”
– Leah Stagnone, Litchfield

Manchester, N.H. — Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign is continuing to share the stories of Granite Staters fighting to save the Affordable Care Act and protections for the 572,000 people in New Hampshire with pre-existing conditions, releasing the second video in the “Protect the #ACA” series. Today’s video features Leah Stagnone, a recent college graduate from Litchfield who is unable to work full-time due to chronic conditions, but is still able to access affordable health care coverage under her parents’ insurance due to the ACA.

Leah Stagnone

“As someone who lives with debilitating conditions and can only work part-time right now, I worry about my future access to employer-based health insurance, as well as losing options like Medicaid expansion that are really important for a lot of people like me,” said Leah Stagnone. “It scares me to see these attempts to gut the ACA during a time when so many people need those protections. I know there are so many other young people across the country who have a lot of the same concerns that I do.”

The video’s release comes three years after Senator Jeanne Shaheen helped lead bipartisan efforts to block Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), saving health care for 105,000 Granite Staters, including 57,000 on Medicaid Expansion, and protecting 572,000 Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions.

Trump has vowed to eliminate the ACA if re-elected and is currently suing to repeal the health care law in the courts, with full support from both of Shaheen’s potential Republican opponents. If Trump and Shaheen’s opponents succeed, they would raise health care costs across the board and cut protections for the most vulnerable individuals and families across New Hampshire.