October 28, 2020 In the News

Klobuchar campaigns for Shaheen in Salem

By Madeline Hughes
October 28, 2020

SALEM, N.H. — A masked crowd was in high spirits counting down the “six days and a wake up” until the election as Sen. Jeanne Shaheen put it.

Shaheen, D-N.H, was joined by former presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., on a campaign stop in Salem where the two Senators spoke with a few dozen people about health care and the election. The former governor is seeking reelection for her third term as Senator.

Klobuchar noted that President Donald Trump and his surrogates had been visiting the Granite State often recently, including a campaign stop by Trump in Londonderry Sunday.

“They seem to be under some mistaken view that New Hampshire is Trump country,” Klobuchar said. “Well I could tell you this, New Hampshire is Shaheen country. It is your country. This is a place that believes in democracy.”

“We know that our democracy cannot handle another four more years of a president that bulldozes through it,” she said.

The crowd was mostly made up of area Democratic candidates from Salem, Atkinson, Hampstead, Plaistow, Pelham and Windham who have been working together for the 2020 election. The six-town coalition worked to bring every 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to the area, including Klobuchar who came in third in the New Hampshire Primary.

Shaheen thanked the candidates for running and told the crowd to vote Democrat down the ballot listing candidates running for reelection such as Reps. Chris Pappas, D-N.H., Annie Kuster, D-N.H., and giving a plug for state Sen. Dan Feltes, D-Concord, for governor.

“Those down-ballot races are really critical,” she said. “Who gets elected not just at the federal level, but at the state determines so many things that are really important to people at this state. What happens with taxation in New Hampshire, what happens with support for social services, healthcare is important at the state level as well.”

Redistricting is also a top state issue, Shaheen said.

The two Senate allies both explained their reasoning for why this election was so important while poking jabs at Shaheen’s Republican challenger, Bryant “Corky” Messner who is endorsed by Trump and closely aligns himself with the president’s policies.

“We have got to restore decency and honor and understanding and competence to the White House,” Shaheen said. “We have to restore all of the values all of us believe in are important to America. We’ve got to send Corky Messner back to the Rockies where he came from.”

Klobuchar asked, “Why do you always run against people who aren’t from the state?”

In 2014, Shaheen defended her seat against a challenge from former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. Messner, a lawyer from Colorado, lives in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and first registered to vote in the Granite State in 2018.

Klobuchar talked about Shaheen’s grit when fighting for Granite Staters in Washington, D.C.

“It’s not just what she says in public, it’s what she says behind closed doors,” Klobuchar said. “You have no idea how courageous Jeanne Shaheen is until you are back in these caucus meetings. She will fight for your state, unique things about your state, or for small businesses. And she really is willing to take on the status quo in a way that is really important.”