September 9, 2020 Press Releases

MEMO: State of the New Hampshire Senate Race

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Shaheen Campaign Manager Harrell Kirstein
DATE: September 9, 2020
RE: State of the New Hampshire Senate Race

THE STATE OF THE RACE: Corky Messner, a self-interested carpetbagger and political opportunist, is the perfect foil for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a pragmatic leader with deep roots in New Hampshire, who makes a difference for Granite Staters, standing up to protect and advance their interests no matter what.

Just over a year after moving across the country to attempt to buy himself a U.S. Senate seat, “Colorado Corky” Messner has emerged badly bruised from his primary. In recent weeks, right-wing radio hosts and the Union Leader editorial board have attacked Messner as a carpetbagger, and his opponent, Don Bolduc summed up his problems in four short words, “I don’t trust him.” Here’s what New Hampshire voters have learned about Colorado Corky.

A Self-Interested Carpetbagger: Corky Messner is a rich guy who moved to New Hampshire to attempt to buy himself a seat in the U.S. Senate. His law firm is in Colorado, his scam charity is in Colorado, even his campaign was launched from Colorado. Republicans have noted the optics reeked of political opportunism, calling Messner “Colorado Corky,” an “interloper from Colorado,” and a “carpetbagger” who is trying to “buy the election.”

Operates A Sham Foundation: Messner’s Colorado nonprofit, the Messner Foundation, is a scam. The Washington Post published the foundation’s tax documents showing Messner spent most of the money raised for scholarships to promote himself and his Colorado law firm. Despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for students, he helped just one student over ten years, and his hometown paper, the Denver Post, reports he could be facing a criminal investigation for swindling donors and underprivileged students. To top it all off, none of this was even Messner’s money. He never personally donated a single cent.

A Health And Economic Liability During COVID: Messner is an anti-vaxxer who has argued against the federal government providing aid to New Hampshire to respond to COVID. Even worse, he continues to back the lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatening health care coverage for 572,000 Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions, and jeopardizing access to treatment for people struggling with addiction.


Jeanne Shaheen makes a difference for Granite Staters. A pragmatic leader with deep roots in New Hampshire, Shaheen has a record of breaking partisan gridlock to help Granite Staters, during the pandemic and throughout her career.

  • Leading On The Opioid Epidemic: A national leader advocating for a more aggressive response to the opioid crisis, Shaheen took on both parties to increase funding for treatment and prevention. Working across the aisle, she delivered a tenfold increase in opioid response funding to New Hampshire to $35 million in 2019.
  • Delivering For Small Businesses: Shaheen has been praised by Republican Senators for helping lead bipartisan negotiations to support small businesses during COVID. The Paycheck Protection Program she helped create has delivered more than $2.5 billion to New Hampshire small businesses and helped keep 206,000 Granite Staters employed.
  • Fighting For Veterans: Recognizing the challenges facing New Hampshire veterans, Jeanne Shaheen took on both parties to ensure they could get health care closer to home and outside the VA. She has delivered tax credits for businesses to hire veterans, and cut through red tape to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.
  • Protecting New Hampshire’s Health Care: Shaheen has vowed to fight attempts to repeal Granite Stater’s health insurance during this pandemic “every step of the way.” She is helping to lead bipartisan efforts to expand access to quality, affordable health care while lowering prescription drug costs. She is taking on Wall Street firms that are pushing exorbitant surprise medical bills, working to pass bipartisan legislation to stop them.
  • Advocating For Women: Jeanne Shaheen is a fierce advocate for women, and has led efforts in Congress to protect women’s access to a full range of health services, including abortion, and to protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Sexual assault victims have the right to recieve free forensic rape kit testing and be informed of the results thanks to the Sexual Assault Survivors Right’s Act, written and passed by Shaheen, who also ensured that survivors are given the option to preserve the evidence of their assault.

CONCLUSION: Corky Messner is a fraud who moved across the country to try and buy himself a U.S Senate seat. Jeanne Shaheen makes a difference for New Hampshire, listening to Granite Staters and getting results, during the pandemic and throughout her career.