An Important Message for New Hampshire

Scott Brown’s not for New Hampshire

Scott Brown is for Scott Brown, NOT New Hampshire

Here’s proof:

Scott Brown’s cashing in by selling us out.

He gains, people in New Hampshire lose.

  • Outsourcing Jobs.

In the Senate, Scott Brown voted millions in special tax breaks rewarding companies shipping U.S. jobs overseas. [Vote 242, 9/28/10]

After he was voted out of the Senate, Brown went to work for a company shipping jobs overseas and pocketed more than a quarter million dollars joining the board of Kadant, Inc., a Massachusetts company that outsourced U.S. jobs.

Brown even endorsed the company’s practice of relying on “low cost manufacturing bases in China and Mexico” in documents Brown signed that were filed with the SEC.

Brown is still working for the company, and at a recent debate denied even falsely claimed that he never voted to outsource jobs. [Kadant SEC Document, Filed 3/12/14, Nashua Telegraph, 8/24/14; NECN Senate Debate, 10/21/14; NECN 10/22/14]

  • “Shady” Business Deal, Investors at Risk

Scott Brown took $1.3 million in stock from a “shady” cosmetics company turned arms dealer run by executives sued for fraud. “The kind of company […] financial professionals warn investors to steer away from.” [NECN, 6/4/14, Boston Globe 6/1/14]

Brown refused to answer questions about what independent observers called his “unsavory gig.” [WCVB, 6/4/14; Boston Globe, Leung Column, 6/5/14]

“Brown was clearly out to make a fast buck, trading on his credentials and hoping investors would buy low and sell high. Now it’s time for voters to beware.” [Boston Globe, Leung column, 6/5/14]

Brown refused to answer questions about the company, even when reporters chased him out of the State Capitol after he filed his candidacy. Hours later, Brown abruptly resigned from the company. [Boston Globe, 6/4/14]

Scott Brown is trying to convince the people in the Granite State that he cares about them. But Scott Brown’s record makes it clear that Scott Brown’s not for New Hampshire


Scott Brown’s not for New Hampshire

Scott Brown says he’s for New Hampshire.

So why did Scott Brown vote for billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to the big oil companies? TWICE. [Vote 72, 5/17/11] [Vote 63, 3/29/12]

We don’t have any big oil companies here.

And why did Scott Brown vote for big tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas? [Vote 242, 9/28/10]

People in New Hampshire need jobs here – not China.

Maybe it’s because Big oil gave Brown nearly half a million dollars for his campaign. [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 8/24/14]

And Brown pocketed nearly a quarter million by joining the board of a company that outsourced jobs. [Nashua Telegraph, 8/24/14]

Scott Brown’s for Scott Brown. Not New Hampshire.

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