October 16, 2020 Press Releases

More than 200 New Hampshire Veterans Endorse Jeanne Shaheen for Re-election

October 16, 2020
Contact: Ally Livingston, alivingston@jeanneshaheen.org

Manchester, N.H. — 217 Granite State veterans are endorsing Senator Jeanne Shaheen for re-election this fall, highlighting her bipartisan efforts to make a difference for New Hampshire veterans and expand veterans’ health care access. In the Senate, Jeanne works across the aisle to make a difference for veterans, taking on her own party to make sure New Hampshire veterans could get health care closer to homeHer provision to renew and expand community care for veterans living in states like New Hampshire without a full-service VA was signed into law.

“Our veterans fought for our freedom here in New Hampshire, and it’s our responsibility to make sure they receive the benefits they earned when they come home,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen. “Throughout my career I have worked to make a difference for our veterans and to expand community care throughout New Hampshire. As Governor, I signed into law legislation that prioritized veterans for state and federal job training programs, and in the Senate I took on my own party to ensure they can access health care closer to home and outside the VA. There are thousands of men and women in New Hampshire who have served our nation in uniform, and I’ll keep fighting for them, no matter what.”

“Jeanne Shaheen makes sure that veterans like me can find work when we come home, and that we have the resources we need to build small businesses,” said Dan Proulx of the U.S. Marine Corps from Hudson. “While serving as Governor, she made sure veterans had access to the job training necessary to find a good job, the kind that can support a family. As our U.S. Senator she has secured tax credits to businesses like mine that hire veterans. Standing up for veterans is about providing the men and women who have served with the resources they need to succeed when their time in the military is finished, and Jeanne Shaheen has been our consistent advocate throughout her time in public service.”

“Jeanne Shaheen knows that there is no room for politics when it comes to fighting for our veterans, and she has consistently worked across the aisle to make sure the men and women who have served our country get what they need,” said Ken Clark, former Adjunct General of the New Hampshire National Guard, from Stratham. “She is a leader in the Senate helping expand health care options for our veterans, and she helped open new veterans centers in Manchester and Keene. Working across the aisle, she passed legislation to repeal the ‘widow’s tax’ and make sure that the survivors who lost loved ones overseas get the benefits they deserve.”

“No one fights harder for our veterans than Jeanne Shaheen,” said Miriam Cahill-Yeaton of the U.S. Air Force from Epsom. “When New Hampshire veterans weren’t able to access the health care they needed, Jeanne Shaheen fought for us, taking on her own party to make sure we could get care closer to home and outside the VA. She has also worked with Democrats and Republican to reform the VA and reduce wait times, which makes a big difference for us. I’m grateful for Senator Shaheen’s leadership on behalf of Granite State veterans, and I look forward to re-electing her in November.

“Jeanne Shaheen is a trusted, bipartisan voice who consistently works across the aisle to keep America safe,” said former Ambassador and retired USAF Brigadier General Jim Smith from Salem. “I had the unique perspective to see Senator Shaheen’s commitment to the men and women in the military and the Foreign Service.  A top member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the only woman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, she is a leader who is working to hold our enemies accountable and protect our troops at home and abroad. I am proud to be represented by Senator Shaheen, who protects our nation and works to support our veterans at home.”

“Granite State veterans know we have an incredible, and effective, advocate in Senator Jeanne Shaheen,” said Barry Conway, of the U.S. Air Force from Hampton, who served as Commandant New Hampshire Veterans Home and Chair Emeritus State Veterans Advisory Committee. “As Governor she understood the importance of honoring the men and women we have lost, and established the New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery. She always put our veterans first and expanded the State Veterans Home in Tilton as well. In the U.S. Senate, she has secured millions in federal dollars to expand both the Veterans Cemetery and the Veterans Home, and she helped thousands of New Hampshire veterans get their VA benefits. Jeanne Shaheen has our back, and we will have hers this November.”

Veterans Peter Duffy from Manchester, Kathleen Richards from Keene, Mike Sills from Bedford, Rep. Dan Toomey from Nashua also shared their support for Senator Shaheen in a video.

The first woman in U.S. history to be elected both Governor and U.S. Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has led bipartisan efforts in Congress to make a difference for New Hampshire veterans. In the Senate, Jeanne Shaheen worked to pass bipartisan legislation that is now law to repeal the “widow’s tax,” which had affected as many as 65,000 families trying to receive their full survivor benefits, and has worked with Democrats and Republicans to reform the VA and reduce wait times for veterans who need to see a doctor. With the support of veterans service organizations, she secured approval to open a new and expanded Manchester Veterans Center and to open a new VA clinic in Keene, and to give tax credits to businesses that hire veterans.

Veterans for Shaheen includes:

Thomas Adams, Exeter, US Air Force

James Alcauskas, Manchester, US Navy

Michael Atkins, Lyndeborough, US JAG Corps

Ryan Bellabona, Madbury, US Air Force

Joe Bellabona, Dover, US Air Force

Dennis Bellerive, Manchester, US Army

William Bennett, Wolfeboro, US Army

Rep. Skip Berrien, Exeter, US Army

Carl Bertram, Derry, US Army

Roger Bleau, Manchester, US Army

Ronald Boisvert, Manchester, US Marine Corps

Rachael Booth, Landaff, US Navy

Janyce Bouchard, Nashua, US Air Force

Alfred Bouchard, Nashua, US Army

Norman Bouley, Auburn, US Army Reserve

Arthur Bradbury, Dover, US Army

Cheryl Breton, Salem, US Army Reserve

Cutler Brown, Hooskett, US Navy

Paul Burkett, Bow, US Navy

Hon. Wayne Burton, Durham, US Army

Rep. Patricia Bushway, Hampton, US Army

David Cacciotti, Atkinson, US Air Force

Miriam Cahill-Yeaton, Epsom, US Air Force, Ret.

Keith Calderone, Dover, US Air Force

Lisa Campbell, Claremont, US Army

Michael Cascini, Hudson, US Army

William Cashin, Manchester, US Army

Michael Cauble, Bedford, US Army

Kathryn Cauble, Bedford, US Army

Edward Charest, Moultonborough, US Army

Scott Chase, Keene, US Navy

Cynthia Lora Chase, Keene, US Navy

Garreth Chehames, Tuftonboro, US Army

Dana Christian, Rye, US Marine Corps

Patrick Clark, Rochester, US Army

Pat Clark, Tilton, US Army

Skip Clark, Portsmouth, US Army

Ken Clark, Stratham, NHANG

Joe Clayton, Richmond, US Army

Rep. Skip Cleaver, Nashua, US Marine Corps

Peter Coffin, Kingston , US Navy

Barry Conway, Hampton, US Air Force

John Coyne, Barrington, US Navy

Jim Craig, Goffstown, US Army

Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, Manchester, US Marine Corps

Albert Davenport, Bedford, US Army

William Dawson, Northfield, US Coast Guard

Donna Deck, Derry, US Air Force

Francis DeFeo, Conway, US Air Force

Frank DeLuca, Hampton, US Army

Josh Denton, Portsmouth, US Army

Gary Desmarais, Rochester, US Air Force

Leonard Dickson, Manchester, US Army

Raymond Dionne, Hudson, US Navy

Richard DiPentima, Portsmouth, US Air Force

Catherine DiPentima, Portsmouth, US Air Force

Peter Duffy, Manchester, US Army

Patrick (Pat) Duffy, Manchester, US Air Force

Sylvio Dupuis, Manchester, US Air Force

Mark Durgin, Springfield, US Air Force

James E. Higgins, Manchester, US Army

Rep. Mike Edgar, Hampton, US Navy Reserve

Dick Edwards, Milford, US Air Force

Janice Elaine Oskar, Exeter, US Air Force

Jesse Elliot, Brentwood, US Navy

Pete Escalera, Manchester, US Marine Corps

Sandra Eynon, Rochester, US Navy

Karen Fesler, Bath, US Navy

Robert Flanagan, Derry, US Army

George Fleming, Barrington, US Marine Corps

John Flewelling, Manchester, US Navy

Cathleen Fountain, Dalton, US Navy

John Franklin, Peterborough, US Navy

Donald B. Frost, Gilford, US Navy

Bernard Garrity, Manchester, US Army

Ronald Geoffroy Auburn, US Air Force

Roland Gionet, Manchester, US Air Force

Brendan Gnall, Dover, US Marine Corps

Bill Gould, New Boston, US Navy

Richard Goulet, Goffstown, US Air Force

James Graham, Rochester, US Air Force

Richard Graham, Candia, US Navy

Jim Green, Londonderry, US Army

Robert Grimley, Grantham, US Air Force

Bob Hannan, Dover,  US Air Force

Rep. Bill Hatch, Gorham, US Air Force

William Hay, Keene, US Army

Debra Heckman, Concord, US Army, Ret.

Ned Helms, Concord, US Army

Dave Hennessey, Pelham, US Army

Robert Hillery, Stratham, US Navy

Peter Holman, Bristol, US Army, Medical Service

Richard Holmes, Charlestown, US Army

Rep. David Huot, Laconia, NH Air National Guard

Cam Iannalfo, Salem, US Navy

Lionel Ingram, Exeter, US Army

Peter J. Sullivan, Kingston, US Navy

Vernon John, Boscawen, US Navy

Brian Johnson, Claremont, US Navy

Ronald Jones, Manchester, US Marine Corps

John W. Jones, Bradford, Special Forces

Daniel Kelley, Stratham, US Navy, Ret.

David Kerr, Barnstead, US Army

Richard Ketchum, Manchester, US Air Force

Harvey Keye, Nashua, US Army

Dr. Rob Kiefner, Concord, US Navy

Merton King, Hooksett , US Army

Walter King, Dover, US Army, Medical Service Corps

Hon. John Knowles, Hudson, US Army

Wendell Kravitz, Hampton, US Army

Richard Lak, Dover, US Marine Corps

Raymond Lakeman, Gilford, US Navy

Ken Latchaw, Dover, US Navy

Linda Lauer, Bath, US Navy

Robert LeBlanc, Meredith, US Marine Corps

Robert LeClair , Manchester, US Marine Corps

Roger Lessard, Greenfield, US Army National Guard

Mike Lopez, Manchester, US Army, Ret.

Bill Ludt, Amherst, US Air Force

Robert Madison, Northwood, US Marine Corps

Joe Magruder, Concord, US Navy

Patricia Martin, Rindge, US Air Force

Henry Martineau, Manchester, NH Army National Guard

Carl Martland, Sugar Hill, US Army

Ian Mayers, Manchester, US Army

Richard McDonough, Manchester, US Army

James A II McGaffigan, Litchfield, US Army

Bill McQuade, Manchester, US Army

Pete McVay, Atkinson, US Navy Reserve

Jonathan Melle, Amherst, US Army

Ron Menard, Tilton, US Marine Corps

Bryant Michaud, Rochester, US Air Force

Judith Miller, Henniker, US Army Nurse Corps

Howard Miller, Henniker, US Army

Charles Mooskian, Pelham, US Navy Commander Pelham VFW Post

Mary Morin, Raymond, US Air Force

Lynn Morse, Stratham, US Army

Lloyd Murray, Jr., Stark, US Marine Corps, P.F.C.

Ray Newman, Nashua, US Army

Gerard Nielsen, Dover, US Air Force

Michael O’Mahony, Bow, US Air Force

Terence O’Rourke, Alton, US Army

Rep. Richard (Dick) Osborne, Campton, US Navy

Judy Osgood, Rochester, US Coast Guard

Norman Page, Derry, US Army

Earl Parent, Dover, US Army

Norman Patenaude, Portsmouth, US Army

Kenneth Perry, Rollinsford, National Guard

Carl Peters, New Boston, US Army

Pat Pickford, Nottingham, US Army Airborne

Robert Pierpont, Wolfeboro, US Navy

Robert Porter Claremont, US Army

Gene Porter Rochester, US Army

George Proulx , Auburn, US Army

Dan Proulx, Hudson, US Marine Corps

Ken Putney, Allenstown, US Navy

Stephen Rasche, Canterbury, US Army

Kathleen Richards, Keene, US Navy

Eliezer Rivera, Keene, US Coast Guard

Kris Roberts, Keene, US Marine Corps

Stillman Rogers, Richmond, US Army

Judyth Ross, Exeter, US Air Force

Fred Ross, Dover, US Air Force

Chuck Rossier, Merrimack, US Air Force

David Sandmann, Greenland, US Navy

Joel Saren, East Hampstead, US Marine Corps

Peter Schmidt, Dover, US Marine Corps

John Seney, Manchester, US Marine Corps

Howard Shaffer, Enfield, US Navy

Billy Shaheen, Madbury, US Army

Daniel Shaheen, Dover, US Army

Lawrence Shamer, Manchester, US Army – 7th Special Forces Group

Gil Shattuck, Hillsborough, US Navy

Stan Shea, Raymond, US Navy, American State Commander

Jim Sheff, Wolfeboro, US Army

Rita Shortill, Dover, US Army

Amb. Terry Shumaker, Concord, US Army, Ret.

Rep. Steve Shurtleff, Concord, US Army

Michael Sills, Bedford, US Army

Jacquelyn Silvani, Newfields, US Navy

Lewis Silverman, Bedford, US Air Force

Richard Sirois, Manchester, US Army

Amb. Jim Smith, Salem, US Air Force

James Snarski, Manchester, US Army

Stan Solomon, Albany, US Army

Roland Soucy, Manchester, US Navy

Steve Soule, Manchester, US Navy

Robert Sprague, Nottingham, US Army

Terrence St. Germain, Littleton, US Army

Karl Stamm, Hudson, US Army

David C. Steelman, Manchester, US Army

R. James (Jim) Steiner, Concord, US Army Special Forces

Robert Stewart, Dover, US Air Force

John Stiles, Manchester, US Navy

Brian Stisser, Merrimack, US Marine Corps

Maura Sullivan, Portsmouth, US Marine Corps

Scott Swanson, Auburn, US Coast Guard

David Swenson, Keene, NSA

Maurice Thibaudeau, Manchester, US Navy

Gloria Timmons, Nashua, US Army

Rep. Dan Toomey, Nashua, US Air Force

Bob Turner, Hampstead, US Navy

Andrew Tuttle, Bristol, US Army, DAV

Thomas Upham, Auburn, US Navy

John Vail, Franconia, US Army

Peter Vellis, D.D.S, Bedford, US Navy

Hayden Wallace, Derry, US Air Force

James Webber, Kensington, US Army

Kenneth Welsby, Rochester, US Army

Ronald White Franklin, US Air Force, Ret.

Paul R. White, Atkinson, US Army

Mark Wilbur, Portsmouth, US Navy

George Wormstead, Dover, US Army

Joseph Wozniak, Hudson, US Air Force

Norman Yeaton, Epsom, Lt Col, NHANG, Ret.

Donald Yemma, East Kingston, US Navy