October 5, 2020 In the News

Sen. Shaheen says COVID-19 cases in White House, Senate should be ‘wake-up call’ for nation

"Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has said the president and first lady’s COVID-19 positive diagnoses are a wake-up call for the country. Shaheen said the slew of cases among top Republicans in the White House and Senate should prompt action on a new relief bill, when it is safe to reconvene."

October 3, 2020 In the News

NH Democratic leaders stress need to get out the vote at Dover rally

"'We all wish the president and first lady a quick recovery,' added U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H. 'This serves as a reminder of how difficult this coronavirus is, and that we need to do what the health officials tell us. It also speaks to the fact that we are not getting the economy back until we get on top of this.'"

September 28, 2020 In the News

Health insurance and Obamacare questions shaping election

"'With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier this month, and a case that could undo the Affordable Care Act coming before the Supreme Court in November, the issue of health insurance has taken on fresh urgency for political campaigns as well as people affected by the 2010 law sometimes called Obamacare."