Jeanne has always believed everyone in New Hampshire and across the country deserves access to clean and safe drinking water. As Governor, she conserved New Hampshire’s water supply and made necessary preparations for potential emergencies. Jeanne is now leading efforts in Congress to expose toxic “forever” chemicals, called PFAS, found in equipment used by firefighters and the military and recently discovered to be contaminating water supplies across New Hampshire.

When Granite Staters on the Seacoast and in Merrimack contacted Jeanne about their concerns surrounding these chemicals in their water, she took action. Jeanne secured $30 million in federal funding so the first-ever national health study on drinking water contamination from these chemicals will be conducted first in New Hampshire at Pease International Tradeport. Jeanne’s study will finally give Granite Staters much-needed answers about the health impacts of these contaminants and will guide the federal response nationwide to these chemicals, so that every family has access to clean and safe drinking water. Jeanne is also working to address health concerns regarding firefighters’ occupational exposure to PFAS chemicals and recently passed a ban on these chemicals in fire-fighting foam into law.

Jeanne continues to focus on how water contamination impacts our service members and our veterans. She has led efforts to create a national database for veterans experiencing health problems to make it easier to check if they have been exposed to the contaminants, which are often present on military bases.

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