Jeanne Shaheen Puts New Hampshire First

Jeanne Shaheen has always put New Hampshire first. As a state senator, governor and now as a U.S. senator, Jeanne’s commitment to the Granite State has been unwavering.

Scott Brown just moved to New Hampshire and is trying to distract from his record of supporting corporate special interests by basing his entire campaign on one Washington, DC survey. The survey, conducted by Congressional Quarterly (CQ), looked at 108 votes in the Senate, a majority of which were nomination votes. The same survey noted concluded that Scott Brown and the president were in agreement 78% of the time.

Jeanne Shaheen believes a president, whether Democrat or Republican, should be able to select the people in his or her cabinet and she supported all but one of the Administration’s nominees over the period covered in the study.

The remainder of the votes in the CQ survey were on legislation and are listed below by category. We invite you to inspect the record and have provided explanations on how the votes benefited New Hampshire. You will see that Jeanne Shaheen always puts New Hampshire first.

Agriculture & Food Security

Senator Shaheen Voted for New Hampshire Farms & Families

Senator Shaheen is a strong supporter of New Hampshire’s agricultural economy.  That’s why she voted for the bipartisan Farm Bill, which included many important programs for New Hampshire dairies and small farms, like market expansion, specialty crops support, land conservation, and export promotion programs.  The bill also helped fight hunger in New Hampshire, and saved taxpayers billions by eliminating wasteful subsidies that Senator Shaheen fought hard to end.

She also believes it’s important to keep New Hampshire’s food supply safe.  That’s why Senator Shaheen voted for a bill to modernize our nation’s safety practices.  The bill became law in the wake of a series of outbreaks of E. coli and other food borne illnesses that sickened thousands.  Since the bill’s passage, Senator Shaheen has led bipartisan efforts in the Senate to make sure the new food safety rules work for small farms in New Hampshire.

More than 100,000 New Hampshire families rely on programs like SNAP (also known as food stamps) to help put food on the table and feed their families.  Senator Shaheen supported commonsense efforts to reform the SNAP program, but included in the vote study is her vote against an amendment that would have ended the food stamp program as we know it, eliminating access for New Hampshire families in need.

The CQ study included 9 votes on agriculture issues: Vote 259, 8/4/09; Vote 261, 8/4/09; Vote 318, 10/8/09; Vote 257, 11/30/10; Vote 194, 11/1/11; Vote 164, 6/21/12; Vote 27, 2/28/2013; Vote 132, 5/22/13; Vote 145, 6/10/13

Budget, Government Operations, and Taxes

Senator Shaheen Voted To Keep Government Functional & Fiscally Responsible

Senator Shaheen believes we must work together to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, just like she did as Governor when she worked with Republicans and Democrats to balance the New Hampshire budget.  In Washington, she’s working to reduce our debt and deficit, cut taxes for New Hampshire’s middle class families, and prevent manufactured crises that hurt our economy and job creation.

Manufactured crises, like playing politics with the full faith and credit of our nation, and shutting down the government, have real impacts on the economy.  That’s why Senator Shaheen has voted to avoid defaulting on our nation’s financial obligations, and played a pivotal role in ending the 2013 government shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion.

She does not believe that the budget should be balanced on the backs of New Hampshire seniors, and has supported legislation that has kept Social Security and Medicare free from devastating cuts proposed by Republicans.  She has also voted to avoid cuts in payments to doctors who serve seniors on Medicare.

She has also supported legislation to extend tax breaks for New Hampshire families and small businesses and to reauthorize unemployment insurance during the recession.

The CQ study included 30 votes on budgetary & government issues: Vote 120, 4/1/09; Vote 129, 4/2/09; Vote 319, 10/8/09; Vote 340, 11/5/09; Vote 374, 12/13/09; Vote 48, 3/10/10; Vote 267, 12/8/10; Vote 37, 3/9/11; Vote 116, 7/22/11; Vote 120, 7/29/11; Vote 123, 8/2/11; Vote 130, 9/8/11; Vote 178, 10/20/11; Vote 196, 11/3/11; Vote 228, 12/14/11; Vote 229, 12/14/11; Vote 2, 1/26/12; Vote 14, 2/2/12; Vote 56, 3/22/12; Vote 199, 9/22/12; Vote 248, 12/28/12; Vote 4, 1/28/2013; Vote 26, 2/28/2013; Vote 44, 3/20/13; Vote 203, 9/19/13; Vote 209, 9/27/13; Vote 216, 10/12/13; Vote 219, 10/16/13; Vote 220, 10/29/13; Vote 281, 12/18/13

Campaign Finance

Working for Reform

Senator Shaheen has cosponsored and fought for the DISCLOSE Act, which would require 501(c)(4) organizations and similar groups that spend money on campaigns to disclose their donors.  The DISCLOSE Act also required leaders of these groups, including unions, to appear in ads the same way candidates are required to do.

The CQ study included 3 votes on campaign finance reform issues: CQ; Vote 220, 7/27/10; Vote 240, 9/23/10; Vote 180, 7/17/12


Looking Out For New Hampshire Consumers

Before the financial crash in 2008, Wall Street engaged in reckless behavior with no regard for regular Americans struggling to support their families and plan their financial futures. That’s why Senator Shaheen supported the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. It created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which now plays an important role in protecting consumers and helping Granite Staters get clear, accurate information so they can make sound financial decisions about everything from mortgages to credit cards.

Senator Shaheen is a leading opponent of legislation that would force New Hampshire businesses to collect online sales taxes for other states. That bill would have forced Granite Staters small businesses to collect their customers’ personal information, while failing to benefit our state in any way. She voted against the bill because it’s fundamentally unfair to New Hampshire.

Net neutrality has been an enormous driver of innovation and economic activity for our country and for New Hampshire’s growing tech industry. It’s not just important for startups and innovators, it’s important for Granite State consumers who enjoy the benefits of a free and open Internet. That’s why Senator Shaheen voted to prevent an effort led by Republicans and backed by the big Internet providers to nullify the rules protecting net neutrality.

The CQ study included 9 votes on consumer issues: Vote 171, 4/28/09; Vote 185, 5/6/09; Vote 194, 5/19/09; Vote 133, 5/6/10; Vote 162, 5/20/10; Vote 208, 7/15/10; Vote 200, 11/10/11; Vote 227, 12/13/12; Vote 113, 5/6/13


Protecting New Hampshire’s Role in Defending Our Nation

Senator Shaheen knows that Pease Air National Guard Air Base and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard are critical to national security and New Hampshire’s economy.  That’s why she led efforts as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to reject the President’s request for another round of military base closures.

She has also worked to pass bills that include programs to support Pease and the Shipyard.  Included in this vote analysis are votes to provide $10 million to replace squadron operations at Pease, helping them improve the efficiency of their operations.  She’s voted for security improvements at the Shipyard, and to authorize continued procurement of the Virginia Class Submarine, which will be housed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, strengthening it for the future.

New Hampshire businesses play an integral role in our national security, helping build the weapons systems and the defense infrastructure that makes ours the best military in the world.  Senator Shaheen has voted to support funding for the New Hampshire companies and workers who create advanced military technologies and state-of-the art weapons systems.

The CQ study included 9 votes on defense appropriations and procurement: Vote 186, 5/7/09; Vote 197, 5/20/09; Vote 235, 7/21/09; Vote 240, 7/23/09; Vote 242, 7/23/09; Vote 315, 10/6/09; Vote 348, 11/17/09; Vote 36, 3/9/11; Vote 221, 12/4/12


Senator Shaheen Voted To Limit The Cost Of Student Loans & Keep Teachers In Classrooms

Jeanne Shaheen, a former school teacher, has fought to make education more accessible and affordable for Granite State students throughout her career. That was a main reason why Senator Shaheen supported a number of measures in the aftermath of the recession to keep New Hampshire teachers in the classroom.

New Hampshire has the country’s second highest tuition costs and its highest average student loan debt. That’s why Senator Shaheen strongly backed 2012 legislation that froze student loan interest rates, and supported bipartisan legislation in 2013 to keep those rates low, saving the average student $2,000 over the life of a typical college loan.

The CQ study included 10 votes on education issues: Vote 115, 3/26/09; Vote 226, 8/5/10; Vote 228, 8/5/10; Vote 177, 10/20/11; Vote 89, 5/8/12; Vote 112, 5/24/12; Vote 113, 5/24/12; Vote 143, 6/6/13; Vote 171, 7/10/13; Vote 185, 7/24/13

Energy & Environment

Promoting Clean Energy & Clean Air In New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen has been an environmental leader throughout her career and is committed to ending our reliance on fossil fuels and moving toward a clean energy future. In 2011, Shaheen opposed Republican efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act. She has voted to preserve the EPA’s authority to hold Midwest energy producers accountable for their emissions, which hurt the environment and public health in downwind states like New Hampshire. She also voted to block attempts to weaken EPA mercury and air toxics standards for coal- and oil-fired power plants.

In the Senate, Shaheen has repeatedly voted to end tax breaks for the Big Oil companies that are the most profitable businesses on the planet. She has been a leading proponent for investments in alternative energy and has supported tax credits and incentives for alternative energy. She also voted to preserve a Defense Department alternative fuel program that improved the combat effectiveness of our fighting forces while reducing their energy costs.

The CQ study included 17 votes on energy & environmental issues: Vote 248, 7/29/09; Vote 295, 9/24/09; Vote 298, 9/24/09; Vote 322, 10/15/09; Vote 331, 10/29/09; Vote 184, 6/10/10; Vote 54, 4/6/11; Vote 72, 5/17/11; Vote 201, 11/10/11; Vote 202, 11/10/11; Vote 30, 3/8/12; Vote 34, 3/8/12; Vote 63, 3/29/12; Vote, 139, 6/20/12; Vote 204, 11/26/12; Vote 206, 11/28/12; Vote 27, 2/28/2013


Fighting for Affordable Health Care

Senator Shaheen believes that everyone in New Hampshire should have access to quality, affordable health care. That’s why she voted for the Affordable Care Act, which has allowed nearly 100,000 people here in New Hampshire access affordable care.  She is also working hard to improve the law to make sure it works for everyone, but she does not believe it should be repealed, which would take us back to a system where people were denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, where seniors paid more for prescription drugs, where the health insurance companies cut off coverage, and where young people could not stay on their family’s health insurance.

Senator Shaheen’s work on healthcare isn’t limited to the Affordable Care Act. She voted to reduce the cost of medication for New Hampshire seniors by allowing them to purchase cheap generic prescription drugs across the border in Canada. And she voted for an historic bill to reduce smoking by giving the FDA authority to regulate tobacco and to cut down on ads that marketed cigarettes to children.

The CQ study included 18 votes on healthcare issues: Vote 207, 6/11/09; Vote 358, 12/3/09; Vote 377, 12/15/09; Vote 385, 12/21/09; Vote 396, 12/24/09; Vote 105, 3/25/10; Vote 117, 4/15/10; Vote 226, 8/5/10; Vote 228, 8/5/10; Vote 244, 9/29/10; Vote 9, 2/2/11; Vote 36, 3/9/11; Vote 59, 4/14/11; Vote 160, 10/11/11; Vote 111, 5/24/12; Vote 168, 6/26/12; Vote 210, 9/30/13; Vote 211, 9/30/13


Securing Our Borders & Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Senator Shaheen believes that it is well past time for the nation to address our broken immigration system. That’s why Senator Shaheen was a strong supporter of the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013, legislation that was supported by 68 Senators, including Senator Ayotte.

The bill also contained an amendment Sen. Shaheen supported that would strengthen border security by adding 700 miles of border fencing and deploying 38,000 border agents, and would delay key reform aspects of the bill until after these security measures were completed.

The crisis at the border we saw this summer demonstrated exactly why we must address this problem now. Senator Shaheen believes that comprehensive immigration reform is critical to securing our borders, enforcing our laws and ensuring our country’s future economic strength. She has urged the House of Representatives to take up the Senate bill so we can begin fixing our broken immigrations system.

The CQ study included 8 votes on immigration issues: Vote 268, 12/9/10; Vote 148, 6/13/13; Vote 151, 6/18/13; Vote 152, 6/18/13; Vote 154, 6/19/13; Vote 159, 6/20/13; Vote 163, 6/26/13; Vote 168, 6/27/13

Jobs & Economy

Senator Shaheen Voted To Create, Protect & Restore New Hampshire Jobs

Jeanne Shaheen took office at the lowest point of our country’s economic crisis. She immediately went to work and helped pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which helped bring our economy back to life and created over 21,000 New Hampshire jobs. It did this by speeding up infrastructure and public works projects, providing middle class tax relief, helping the Granite State cope with budget shortfalls, keeping teachers, firefighters and police officers on the job, and providing credit to New Hampshire small businesses to help them stay afloat.

Following passage of the Recovery Act, Senator Shaheen voted to maintain measures like the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance that were particularly important for Granite Staters who lost their jobs during the recession, recession. She voted to fund infrastructure projects like widening I-93 and replacing the Memorial and Sarah Long Bridges, which created construction jobs and will help improve productivity for private sector job creators. She also helped iron out a deal to avert the fiscal cliff that could have caused a second financial crash. And, she supported reforms to our nation’s patent system to encourage innovation and job creation.

Senator Shaheen believes it’s unacceptable that our current tax code incentivizes corporations to ship jobs overseas. She knows outsourcing has particularly harmed New Hampshire, which has lost a higher percentage of jobs to China than any other state. That’s why she voted to eliminate those incentives and replace them with a tax credit for companies that shift overseas jobs back to the United States. And it’s why she supported an expansion of the Trade Adjustment Assistance program to help workers whose jobs were lost to outsourcing or foreign competition.

The CQ study included 39 votes on economic and job-related issues: Vote 45, 2/5/09; Vote 48, 2/5/09; Vote 61, 2/11/09; Vote 64, 2/13/09; Vote 270, 8/6/09; Vote 25, 2/24/10; Vote 45, 3/9/10; Vote 55, 3/17/10; Vote 258, 12/4/10; Vote 276, 12/15/10; Vote 215, 7/21/10; Vote 31, 3/3/11; Vote 35, 3/8/11; Vote 129, 9/8/11; Vote 150, 9/22/11; Vote 161, 10/12/11; Vote 162, 10/12/11; Vote 163, 10/12/11; Vote 219, 12/1/11; Vote 220, 12/1/11; Vote 224, 12/8/11; Vote 225, 12/8/11; Vote 22, 2/17/12; Vote 65, 4/16/12; Vote 68, 4/24/12; Vote 96, 5/15/12; Vote 181, 7/19/12; Vote 184, 7/25/12; Vote 223, 12/6/12; Vote 251, 1/1/13; Vote 282, 9/16/09; Vote 287, 9/17/09; Vote 239, 9/23/10; Vote 160, 10/11/11; Vote 195, 11/3/11; Vote 48, 3/14/12; Vote 187, 7/25/13; Vote 199, 8/1/13


Equal Rights For LGBT Soldiers & Workers

Jeanne Shaheen is a champion for equal rights and opportunity for all Americans, who has stood up for LGBT workers and soldiers to help them get the equal treatment they deserve. She voted to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” finally enabling LGBT service members to serve their country openly and freely. And she cosponsored and helped the Senate pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would protect Americans from losing their jobs based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The CQ study included 2 votes on LGBT issues: Vote 281, 12/18/10; Vote 232, 11/7/13

National Security and Foreign Policy

Supporting US Troops & Keeping America Safe & Secure

As a member of the Senate Armed Services and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Shaheen is a strong leader when it comes to our national security.  Included in the vote analysis is legislation that Senator Shaheen supported to give our troops a pay raise, to make sure they have the training and equipment they need, and to support our overseas military operations.

Other examples of votes Senator Shaheen cast to strengthen our security include funds to build the border fence and prevent employers from hiring undocumented immigrant workers. She also supported helping prepare our nation for the 2009 bird flu pandemic, voted to fully compensate Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and to clean up the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster.

The CQ study included 24 votes on national security and foreign policy issues: Vote 196, 5/20/09; Vote 201, 5/21/09; Vote 202, 5/21/09; Vote 209, 6/18/09; Vote 210, 6/18/09; Vote 222, 7/8/09; Vote 229, 7/9/09; Vote 305, 10/1/09; Vote 323, 10/20/09; Vote 347, 11/17/09; Vote 176, 5/27/10; Vote 298, 12/22/10; Vote 19, 2/15/11; Vote 84, 5/26/11; Vote 210, 11/29/11; Vote 187, 8/2/12; Vote 212, 11/29/12; Vote 219, 12/4/12; Vote 236, 12/28/12; Vote 19, 2/15/11; Vote 195, 7/31/13; Vote 237, 11/19/13; Vote 238, 11/19/13; Vote 284, 12/19/13

Responsible Gun Ownership

Protecting The 2nd Amendment, Keeping Guns Out Of The Hands Of Dangerous Criminals

Senator Shaheen supports New Hampshire’s strong tradition of safe and legal firearm ownership. But she also believes we should keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The background check measure she voted for was commonsense, bipartisan plan to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people while also protecting the rights of law abiding citizens. It was bipartisan and overwhelmingly supported by people across New Hampshire and the country.

The CQ study included 4 votes on responsible gun ownership issues: Vote 97, 4/17/13; Vote 99, 4/17/13; Vote 101, 4/17/13; Vote 103, 4/17/13

Small Business

Strengthening the Backbone Of New Hampshire’s Economy

Jeanne Shaheen is working hard to support New Hampshire’s small businesses, the backbone of the state’s economy. Senator Shaheen helped craft the Small Business Jobs Act that cut taxes for small businesses and boosted access to credit to help create jobs; that expanded opportunities for small businesses to export and sell their products and services to growing markets around the globe; and that extended and strengthened the critical Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program that has provided $370 million in funding to New Hampshire small businesses.

Senator Shaheen is a leading opponent of legislation that would force New Hampshire businesses to collect online sales taxes for other states. That bill would have subjected our small businesses to audits by other states and forced them to collect Granite Staters’ personal information, while failing to benefit them in any way. She voted against the bill because it’s fundamentally unfair and burdensome for New Hampshire.

Senator Shaheen has been a strong supporter of other measures cutting taxes on small businesses to encourage job growth, extending energy tax benefits to small businesses, and allowing small business owners to write-off more of their capital expenses.

The CQ study included 5 votes on small business issues: Vote 221, 7/29/10; Vote 237, 9/16/10; Vote 55, 3/22/12; Vote 177, 7/12/12; Vote 113, 5/6/13


Creating Opportunity For New Hampshire Veterans

From a family with a strong tradition of military service, Senator Shaheen is a tireless advocate for keeping our commitment to veterans. A key part of that commitment is making sure veterans can have opportunities to succeed and support their families after they return home. That’s why she cosponsored the VOW to Hire Heroes Act and supported providing businesses with tax credits to encourage them to hire veterans. And it’s why she voted to order states to waive certain rules and requirements for issuing professional licenses to veterans who gained relevant experience during their military service.

The CQ study included 3 votes on veterans’ issues: Vote 176, 5/27/10; Vote 204, 11/10/11; Vote 193, 9/19/12

Women’s Issues

Equal Treatment & Equal Pay For Women

Senator Shaheen has a long and distinguished record of fighting to ensure equal treatment and equal pay for women. She is an original co-sponsor of and advocate for the Paycheck Fairness Act, to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work. Unequal pay for women costs the typical family $464,000 over a 40-year career.

Senator Shaheen is a leader on women’s health issues and has worked to ensure that nothing stands in the way of decisions that should be made between a woman and her doctor. She spoke out against the anti-choice Blunt Amendment that would harm women by allowing employers to deny insurance coverage for birth control and other critical healthcare services. She also voted to prevent House Republicans from defunding Planned Parenthood and Title X community health centers, which provide 29,000 women in New Hampshire with breast and cervical cancer screenings, STD screenings and contraceptive services.

Senator Shaheen helped lead the successful fight to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, which is a proven tool that provides critical support to victims of domestic violence. It has provided substantial resources to help New Hampshire law enforcement prevent domestic violence and assist victims of domestic and sexual assault.


The CQ study contained 8 votes on women’s issues: Vote 19, 1/28/09; Vote 249, 11/17/10; Vote 60, 4/14/11; Vote 24, 3/1/12; Vote 36, 3/9/11; Vote 87, 4/26/12; Vote 115, 6/5/12; Vote 210, 9/30/13